Winter 2023-24 in #Coventry

Mean maximum…9.3C (+1.7C)

Mean minimum…3.6C (+1.6C)

Mean temperature…6.5C (+1.7C)

Rainfall…341.8mm (196%)

Sunshine…180.5hr (86%

This was the mildest winter since 2015-16 (6.7C)

Only winters 2015-16 and 1973-74 have been warmer since 1892

It was the wettest winter on record; the previous record we winter was 1976-77 with 327.0mm of rain.

Winter 2023/24 was the dullest winter since 2016-17 (176.8hr). Only two winters have recorded fewer sunshine hours since the Millennium (2010-11 & 2016-17)