The Statistics for Last Month

A summary of the weather in Coventry during July 2021:

Monthly mean temperature 18.7°C
Average maximum 23.3°C (+1.2°C)
Average minimum 14.1°C (+1.4°C)
Warmest day 30.3°C 18th 
Lowest maximum 13.8C 20th 
Highest minimum 18.1C 19th
Coldest night 11.5°C 29yh
Lowest grass minimum  8.3°C  1st
Air Frosts    0  
Ground Frosts      0  
Monthly rainfall total  92.0mm  147%
Wettest day  24.6mm  27th
Days with snowfall 0  
Days with snow-lying at 0900hr 0  
Hail days 1  
Thunder days 4  
Wet days (>1mm) 10  
Monthly sunshine total 205.3hr  104%
Sunniest day 13.3   17th
Days without Sun  0  
Days with fog  0  
Gale Days  0  
Average wind speed 5.2mph -1.2mph
Maximum wind gust 30mph   28th
Average RH%                                    76%
Average sea level pressure 1015.0mb    -0.4mb
Highest SLP 1030mb    16th 17th
Lowest SLP  994mb    24th