In a typical year in Coventry

According to 1991-2020 daily averages:

Warmest day of the year     23.3C     19 July

Coldest day of the year        6.0C      28 December

Coldest night of the year     0.7C      14 February

Warmest day of the year    13.7C      27 July 12 August

Lowest grass minimum     -2.4C      14 February

Coldest average day          3.8C      29 December 22 January

Warmest average day       18.3C      19 July 6 August

Wettest day                        6.3mm    30 July

Driest day                           0.3mm    13 April

Sunniest day                      7.6hr       31 May

Dullest day                         1.1hr       4 January 23 December