An historical perspective of the climate statistics

for Coventry during July 2018


July 2018 has been a truly historic month with a mean monthly temperature of 20.1C, that is 2.7 degrees Celsius higher than the 30-year Bablake average for Coventry 1981-2010.

Though not quite as warm as July 2006 (20.5C), that was the only July month warmer than July 2018 in Coventry records dating back to 1892.

The warmest July months in Coventry since 1892

20.5°C  2006

20.1°C  2018

19.8°C  1983

19.4°C  1911,1921

19.1°C  2013

There were two heatwaves during the month, that is 5 consecutive days with daytime maximum temperatures 5C or more higher than the average daily maximum for that date.

28th June to 2nd July mean daytime temperature 26.7C

4th to 8th July mean daytime temperature 28.0C

There were 16 ‘heatwave days’ during the month, compared to 13 in July 2006.

The three month period from May to July 2018 has been the warmest such spell (16.9C) in Coventry since records began in 1892, jus ahead of may to July 2006 (16.8C).

4ththe coldest night of the month recorded a minimum temperature of 11.2C; this is the highest monthly minimum temperature for any July in Coventry since before 1892

26ththe hottest temperature of the month (32.1C) was the hottest July day in Coventry since the 1st July 2015 (32.9C). Only 6 July months have recorded days with temperatures higher than this since 1892:

34.4°C   2006

33.0°C   1976

32.9°C   2015

32.8°C   1911,1923,1943

32.1°C   1989 2018

Just out of interest, here is a list of the hottest days in Coventry since 1892;

35.1°C    3rd August 1990

34.4°C   19th July 2006, 9th August 1911

34.2°C    9th August 2003, 2nd September 1906

33.9°C   1st September1906

33.4°C   2nd August 1990

33.3°C   18th August 1893

33.0°C   3rd July 1976, 19th August 1932, 13th August 1911

32.9°C   1st July 2015, 8th August 1975

32.8°C   29th July 1911, 12th July 1923, 31st July 1943, 4th August 1975

32.6°C   2nd July 1976

32.5°C   1st August 1995, 31st August 1906

32.4°C   26th June 1976

32.3°C   8th September 1911, 3rd June 1947

32.2°C   June 1941 12th August 1911

32.1°C   22nd July 1989, 28th June 1976, 26th July 2018

32.0°C    22nd July 1996, 27th June 1976


At the start of the month, there had been no rain in Coventry since the 21st June; so by the 5th July we were into a drought after 15 consecutive dry days at Bablake; although there were odd days with a few spots of rain, nothing showed up in the gauges until the 27th July, making that a 37 day long drought. This became the longest drought in Coventry sine 1976 (39 days).

Here is a list of the longest droughts in Coventry since 1892:

139 days  20th July to 27th August 1976

237 days  21st June to 27th July 2018

335 days  14th August to 18th September 1959

429 days  11th June to 10th July 1941

18th March to 16th April 1893

In the event, 35.2mm of rain fell over 3 days from the 28th to the 30th July, and this became the monthly total, 40% below average for July in Coventry from 1981-2010.

It has been the driest July in the city since 2016 (17.0mm), the only July with a lower rainfall total than 2018 since 2000.

June & July 2018 have recorded 43.0mm of rain, making this the lowest June/July rainfall total in Coventry since 1995 (36.3mm). Just out of interest the lowest such 2 month total recorded 19.6mm of rain in 1921.


July 2018 became the third month in a row to record more than 200 hours of sunshine; this is the first time this has happened in Coventry since 1995, a year in which August also recorded more than 200 hours of sunshine.

It has been the sunniest July in Coventry (265.4hr) since July 2006 (275.3hr); only 5 July months have recorded more sunshine since 1894:

284.6hr   1990

281.7hr   1984

276.5hr   1989

275.3hr   2006

273.0hr   1911

Not surprisingly, we find that the 3 month period May to July 2018, has been the sunniest early summer spell (771.5hr) since before sunshine records began in Coventry in 1894, beating the previous record in 1989 (768.1hr).

3rdthe sunniest day of the month recorded 14.8 hours of sunshine; this was the sunniest July day in Coventry since 1997 (14.9hr).