An historical perspective of the climate statistics for Coventry during January 2018


There has been some modest warming during January in Coventry since the Millennium, with mean monthly temperatures (4.6C) having risen by 0.3C compared to 30 year averages from the end of the 20th century (1971-2000).

So, with a mean monthly temperature of 5.2ºC, 0.9ºC above that 1971-2000 average, January 2018 can certainly be rated as a mild first month of the year in our region.

However, seven January months have been milder than this year since the Millennium (2002, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2014, and 2016, so it has by no means been an exceptionally mild January locally. Overall, it has been the mildest January in Coventry since 2016 (5.3C).

January 2018 ranks 27th mildest January in Coventry in the past 126 years, back to 1892.

There were just 4 air frosts during January 2018 in Coventry; this is the lowest incidence of frost in the city in any January since 1990 (3). Just for the record, the lowest incidence of January air frost in Coventry was just 2 in both 1916 an 1983.


Although it rained on 23 days during January 2018, the overall monthly total was quite modest for this time of year in Coventry at 66.4mm, just 11% higher than average in the city.

It was the wettest January since only 2016 (86.0mm), though only five January months have been wetter than this year since the millennium (2004, 2007, 2008, 2014 and 2016).

Snow fell on 5 days during the month, though it didn’t amount to much on any day, with just 1 day with snow lying at 0900hr, and that less than a 1cm covering. As a contrast, in January 2013, 11 ‘snow days’ resulted in 13 days of lying snow. For the record, there were 12 days of snowfall in January 2012 and 15 in 1985.


Both January 2016 (53.7hr) and 2017 (49.5hr) were rather cloudy months in Coventry, so this year, January showed some improvement, with 66.4 hours of sunshine, 6% higher than normal for the first month of the year.

Just out of interest, the average sunshine total during January so far this century is 69.3 hours, almost double that of a hundred years ago (183%).


January 2018 has been the windiest January in Coventry since 2008.

The windiest day of the month averaged 14.6mph on the 3rd, making it the windiest January day in Coventry since 2012 (15.1mph).