An historical perspective of the climate statistics

for Coventry during December 2019


This decade (6.1C) has seen average December temperatures 2C warmer than the first decade of the 21st century (4.1C). It has been the warmest December decade in records dating back into the 19th century, with 1971-1980 the previous record at 5.2C.

So, it is no surprise to find that December 2019 has been yet another mild month (average = 5.6C), 1.0C higher than Coventry’s 30-year mean (1981-2010). It has been the 9th milder than average December in succession in Coventry.

It has though, been our coolest December since 2017 (4.8C), though only 5 December months have been milder than 2019 since the Millennium.


Although not as wet as December 2017 (97.6mm), we have recorded 36% more rainfall than average in December 2019 (83.6mm), so it has been another wet December in the city.

Only 4 December months have been wetter than December 2019 in Coventry since the Millennium; December 2015 was the wettest December in Coventry (102.4mm) since 2012 (116.7mm), though as a contrast, December 2016 was relatively dry with just 23.0mm of rain.

It has been a particularly wet spell since June in 2019, with 691.2mm of rain falling in the seven month period through to the end of the year; this has become the wettest spell of weather from June to December in any year in Coventry since 1880 (691.4mm); for the record, the wettest such period since 1870, saw 710.5mm of rain fall in the city in 1872.

There was no recorded December snow fall this year for the 5th December out of the past 7; only one December ( 7 days in 2017) has seen any snow lying in the past 9 years.

December snowfall does seem to be coming more of a rarity these days with just an average of 1.8 snow days in this current decade, compared to 3.4 1981-2010.


There has been a steady increase in December sunshine totals in Coventry since the 1980s (45.7hr), with 38% more sunshine recorded in the city this decade so far ( 62.9hr).

December 2019 has been the sunniest December in Coventry (63.2hr) since 2014 (89.1hr).