An historical perspective of the climate statistics

for Coventry during October 2018


There has been a 1.3°C increase in average October temperatures since 2000 in Coventry. The 2001 to 2015 October average was 11.5C compared to 10.2C average from 1991 to 2000.

So in 2018, October has been a relatively cool month, though in fact 0.1C warner than average. Nevertheless, it was the coolest October in Coventry since 2012 (9.6C)

We had our first autumn air frost of the season on the 29th October, the earliest first air frost in the city since 2012 (27th October).

  • 10ththe warmest day of the month (23.1C) was the warmest October day in Coventry since 2011 (28.2C).
  • 31stthe coldest night of the month (-2.6C) was the coldest October night in Coventry since 1993 (-3.1C).

There were 2 air frosts in October 2018, the highest number since 1997 (6)


Two years ago, October 2016 was the driest (16.0mm) October in Coventry since 1978 (6.0m), though it was wetter (34.8mm) last year.

October 2018 became the fourth October in a row to record less than the 30-year average rainfall in Coventry (67.8mm) with 43.4mm of rain, making it the wettest October since 2015, but still 39% drier than average.


October 2018 has been our sunniest October in Coventry (119.4hr) since 2011 (124.6hr) with 113% of average monthly sunshine.