An historical perspective of the climate statistics

for Coventry during March 2021


Although March has seen average monthly temperatures rise by one degree Celsius over the past hundred years in Coventry, from 5.7C to 6.7C, this warming was at its peak in the 1990s (7.3C), with a noticeable 0.6C cooling since the Millennium.

The mean monthly temperature during March 2021 had been running below average at 6.6C until the 28th day of the month, though with record breaking temperatures into the end of the month, we now find an uplift in the monthly mean to 7.3C, 0.4C above the 30-year Bablake March average 1991-2020.

30thThis was the earliest date of the year with temperatures above 20C since 2012 (28th). At 21.7C, it became the warmest March day in Coventry since 2012 (20.6C).

31stWith late month temperatures rising to 23.0C, this was the warmest March day in Coventry since before 1892; hitherto, the March record warm day was 22.0C in 1929.


Not only is March a warmer month than a century ago in Coventry, it has also become a drier month, with 16% less rainfall than the first 20 years of the 20th century, a fall from 57.2mm of rain 1901-1920 to 48.1mm from 2001 to 2020.

So, with 37.2mm of rain during March 2021, this has been another month in early Spring with a rainfall deficit in the city (81%)


With 107.8 hours of sunshine, this has been the dullest March in Coventry since 2018 (92.2hr). Only four March months have recorded less sunshine than 2021 since the Millennium (2001 2005 2013 2018).

Nevertheless, March has enjoyed 43% more sunshine in the first 20 years of the 21st century than in the same period in the early 20th century, a rise from 95.0 hours of sun to 135.5hr.

So that makes March a warmer, drier and sunnier first month of Spring than it was a century ago!