30 year Daily Averages for #Coventry 1991-2020

22nd January

Mean maximum                        6.6C

Mean minimum                         1.1C

mean grass minimum             -0.8C

Average rainfall                        1.9mm

Average sunshine                    2.1hr

date records for the 22nd January in #Coventry since 1892 include:

mildest day   13.1C   1990

coldest day    -3.3C   1963

coldest night   -11.5C  1940

lowest grass min  -11.9C  1940

wettest day   15.1mm   2010

sunniest day  7.9hr  1990

On this day in history in #Coventry records since 1892 (22nd January).....

*On average, this is the coldest day of the year (adding mean maximum & minimum & dividing by 2)*

1979 1984 (6cm) 1988 (11cm) 2013 (14cm)...snow lying days since 1977

2019...on this day last year, afternoon wintry showers of rain, sleet wet snow & hail