30 year Daily Averages for Coventry

19th October

Mean maximum                           13.0°C

Mean minimum                             6.3°C

Grass minimum                            3.3C

Average rainfall                            3.5 mm

Average sunshine                        2.8 hr

date records for the 19th October in Coventry since 1892 include:

warmest day          21.9C         1907

coldest day             5.6C          1896 

coldest night          -3.5C         1926

wettest day            27.8mm     1990

sunniest day            9.0hr        1959

The wettest days we can find in our records dating back to 1892 for the 19th October in Coventry are:

27.8mm     1990

27.5mm     1925

19.7mm     1981

18.0mm     2017