30 year Daily Averages for #Coventry

4th August

Mean maximum                       22.5°C

Mean minimum                        12.6°C

Average rainfall                        1.9 mm

Average sunshine                    6.8 hr

date records for the 4th August in #Coventry since 1892 include

warmest day     32.8C   1975

coldest night     4.8C    1934

mildest night    19.7C   1981

wettest day   21.6mm   1952

sunniest day   13.7hr   1989

On this day in history in #Coventry (4th August).....

1947.....this was the first day of 37 consecutive days without rain 

1897 1904 1975 2003.....hot days of 30C or more

1989 1990 1995 1996.....days with more than 13 hours of sunshine since 1895