30 year Daily Averages for Coventry

24th April

Mean maximum                           14.0°C

Mean minimum                             5.9°C

Grass minimum                            2.9°C

Average rainfall                            2.0mm

Average sunshine                        5.1hr

Just for the record, looking back through the archives, dating back into the nineteenth century, we find that on the 24th April in the past....

date record temperatures suggest that the warmest day on this date recorded 23.9C in Coventry in 1893, whilst the coldest night managed just -3.1C overnight on the 24th April 1908 in heavy snow.

only 5 days have seen temperatures rise above 20C in Coventry on the 24th April in the past 127 years; in 1893 1901 1907 1951 and 1975.