30 year Daily Averages for #Coventry 1991-2020

9th March

Mean maximum                       10.4C

Mean minimum                         3.4C

mean grass minimum              0.5C

Average rainfall                        1.7mm

Average sunshine                    4.3hr

date records for the 9th March in #Coventry since 1892 include:

mildest day   19.6C   1948

coldest day     0.5C   1931

coldest night   -7.0C  1917

lowest grass min  -13.8C  1917

wettest day   18.2mm   1981

sunniest day  10.1r  1998

On this day in history in #Coventry records since 1892 (9th March).....

It must have been quite summer-like in...

1929 at 18.5C in 8.1hr sunshine

1948 at date record 19.6C in 8.8hr sunshine

2014 at 18.6C in 9.8hr sunshine