30 year Daily Averages for Coventry

24th August

Mean maximum                           20.6°C

Mean minimum                            11.7°C

Average rainfall                            2.6 mm

Average sunshine                        5.0 hr

date records for the 24th August in Coventry since 1892 include:

warmest day           29.4C         1899

lowest grass min    -3.3C          1993

wettest day             23.9mm      1903

sunniest day           12.1hr        1976

From a weather diary...

"It appears there was a tremendous hail storm at Coventry on the 24th of eighth month 1814." 

"When after a suffocating heat with moisture and the gradual accumulation of Thunder clouds followed by discharges of electricity I observe a kind of Icicles falling from the clouds then large hail and rain...".

Also on this day in 1814...