30 year Daily Averages for Coventry

18th January     
Mean Maximum               6.7°C

Mean Minimum                0.8°C

Average rainfall               1.9 mm

Average sunshine           1.8 hr 

Just for the record, looking back through the archives, dating back into the nineteenth century, we find that on the 18th January in the past...............

recorded snow depths in our archived records are rare, though notable snow depths over level ground in Coventry, excluding drifts on the 18th January since 1892 include 26cm in 1912, 17cm in 1941, 15cm in 1987 and 10cm in 2013..

five years ago today, it snowed all night and all day on the 18th January 2013 in Coventry, with temperatures by day no higher than -1.8C at Bablake with drifting snow.