30 year Daily Averages for #Coventry

1st June

Mean maximum                       18.5°C

Mean minimum                         9.5°C

Average rainfall                        3.2 mm

Average sunshine                    5.8 hr

date records for the 1st June in #Coventry since 1892 include

warmest day     38.9C   1922

coldest day       11.1C   1964,1965

coldest night    -0.6C    1936

mildest night    15.6C   1947

grass minimum  -2.8C  1936

wettest day     17.0mm  1909

sunniest day   15.5hr    1997

On this day in history in #Coventry (1st June).....

1893 1898 1913 1934 1936 1942 1962 2011..... ground frost

1936..... the only air frost on this date, the latest in any year

1997.....unbroken 15.5hr sunshine but the windiest June day on record to 1986