Late Spring Bank Holiday in Coventry

For many of us, the late spring bank holiday is a pleasant day off work or school.

Some choose to take a short trip or holiday. Others use the time to walk in the

country, catch up with family and friends, visit garden centres or do home maintenance!

Most activities at this time of year are weather dependent, especially on the Monday, the main focus for outdoor activities over the weekend.

In the 42 years since 1978, there have been 23 dry Bank Holiday Mondays in our region, but only 7 can have been classified as warm, with temperatures over 20C; indeed, it is more likely to be cool, with 11 recording highs below 15C.

Only 2 Bank Holiday Mondays have been wet enough to record 10mm of rain or more, and only six have failed to record any sunshine, with 6 sunny Bank Holiday Mondays (over 10hr sun) in our 42 year period.

The warmest Bank Holiday Monday (BHM) in late May in Coventry saw temperatures reach 26.0C as long ago as 1982. We don't have to go quite sofar back to find the coldest BHM however, with just 10.2C recorded at Bablake in 2007.

Overall. a cool BHM is twice as likely as a warm one according to Bablake weather records!

As for the wettest BHM on record in Coventry - that was in 2008 with 23.8mm ofrain falling on the city.  

However, 23 out of 42 BHMs have been dry in Coventry since 1978.