The local forecast up until 1800hr on Saturday 19th August 2017

Decaying tropical cyclones are not at all unusual at this time of year, as they skirt up the coast of eastern North America, and get caught up in our jet stream, then heading our way as an extra-tropical low, albeit with more more moisture and energy than we are use to.

So as Gert comes our way later on Sunday, it will disrupt our weather pattern, and make forecasting even more difficult than usual!

In the meantime, low pressure will be in charge over the next few days, with sunny spells and showers, though most of these will be on Friday, driven by a strong WSW breeze, so passing through quickly. even if heavy for a time.

It will feel cool in the breeze today, and in any showers, with highs around 19C. There may be further showers into this evening, but dying away overnight into Saturday.

We could get away with a dry and bright day on Saturday with sunny spells, and just an odd shower perhaps. It will be cool and breezy again, with temperatures peaking at 19C or so.

Outlook - cold overnight into Sunday, clouding over by day with rain early next week from the remnants of Gert !