The local forecast up until 1800hr on Monday 23rd October 2017

Now that storm Brian has passed by, there should be plenty of dry weather to look forward to in the week ahead, coinciding of course, with half-term holidays for many in our region. It will become quite warm too, so feeling pleasant out there beyond midweek, as the wind dies down.

On Sunday however, it will feel quite cool in the wind, though this will be easing back during the day, with sunny breaks developing. At least it should be dry with maximum temperatures around 13C.

It will remain breezy overnight with cloud breaks and minimum temperatures of 9C or so, though it may well be cloudy with some rain soon after dawn on Monday.

Early rain on Monday should clear quite quickly, with the skies brightening as sunny breaks develop; it will be mild, even quite warm at 17C as the breezes eases back. 

Outlook -  showery rain early on Tuesday perhaps, then largely bright and dry into next weekend.