The local forecast up until 1800hr on Friday 27th April 2018

Last week's warmth was the exception that proves the rule! In spring, wind direction is the major control over temperatures at this time of year. Overall, changes in temperature in spring are slow, as the UK is surrounded by sea; in the Baltic to our east and in the seas south of Greenland, melting sea ice further slows the warming process. Even as the days lengthen and the sun strengthens the still cool sea holds back the rise in temperatures. It is therefore, a long season. 

And so it will seem as we head into May, with a cool spell over the next two weeks or so, and with rain at times, it will be hard to find any further summer-like warm dry sunny days through to mid-May at the very least.

So make the most of days like Thursday; it may be cool and breezy, but pleasant enough in sunny spells, and largely dry, with just an odd light shower perhaps. Temperatures will be around 13C, a degree or so below average (14.9C) for the 26th April in our region.

It will be cool tonight under clear skies at first, with minima around 6C, though encroaching cloud will lift temperatures after midnight, with some rain reaching us by dawn on Friday.

It could rain all day on Friday! It may be light and intermittent at first, becoming heavier and more persistent through the day. It will be quite chilly at just 9C or so in a cool NE breeze.

Outlook  -  cool bright and mainly dry over the weekend; rain on Monday.