The local forecast up until 1800hr on Friday 19th January 2018

You may be forgiven if you slept through it, but last night was quite a night weatherwise, with the strongest January wind gust in Coventry (56mph at 0327hr) since 2005. It was also quite wet with temperatures rising with the rain to 10C.

It's a different story first thing, with sunny skies and just a moderate WNW breeze, with temperatures back down to 4C.

So it should be mainly dry this morning after that rain around dawn, with sunny prolonged spells for a time, though skies will be clouding over to threaten showers into this afternoon.

It will feel cold in the wind, with highs around 6C today, though the breeze should moderate during the day.

Under clear skies, there will be a ground frost tonight as minima fall back close to freezing, with a bright dawn on Friday.

Friday itself looks like being another day of sunshine and showers, even with some sleet and wet snow perhaps mixed in by afternoon on a cold wind at 4C.

Outlook- frost overnight into Saturday, which should be the best day of the week; dry with sunny spells in light breezes, though becoming mild wet and windy by Sunday .