Figure 1 below shows a series of forecast charts into next week. More on this later!

A flow of westerly winds, driven  by the Polar Front Jet, set in on the 20th July, and brought the first half of what had been a promising first half of summer to an end (figure 2). 

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This prolonged synoptic set up is about to come to an end at last, thanks to ex-hurricane Gert!

There's still some more unseasonably windy weather to come between now and then, particularly later on Monday, as an extratropical low, spawned by the remains of the tropical air from Gert, deepens and tracks southeastward across Northern Scotland and into the southern North Sea (fig 1). 

This marks the end of the zonality of the last four weeks, as pressure build strongly behind the low. The last anticyclonic spell across the British Isles was between the 16th and 20th of June. It won't be a spell of hot weather, because the flow will be northerly at first, it should be dry, and sunny so day time temperatures should be very pleasant, but the nights may be quite cool if not cold.

Looking further ahead, and according to the GFS, the theme seems set to be high pressure across the eastern Atlantic, with a north or northwesterly flow down across the British Isles and much of northwest Europe. Hopefully, this will finally put an end to the mobility of the last month, we shall see!

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