Bablake Weather Station was first started in 1977 by Steve Jackson, a geography teacher at Bablake School, Coventry. Now retired from teaching, Steve is still head of the now well established weather centre.

The beginnings of the weather station were very humble indeed; with just a maximum/minimum thermometer, an old rain gauge and a cheap barometer, the station began to record the weather for Coventry on a daily basis.

Over the years the reputation of the weather station grew as more equipment was purchased. Bablake has its own Campbell Scientific automatic weather station,  with computerised data loggers recording the weather in Coventry every second of every day. This information can be remotely accessed by the Met Office and at home.

The weather station enclosure (see photograph below) is based at the school playing fields in Coundon in the north-west of Coventry, and also houses a Met Office MMS

The meteorological enclosure at Bablake Playing fields, Coundon.

This is the meteorological enclosure on the school site in 1983.

The sunshine recorder, wind vane and anemometer used to be on the tower, high above the roof, some 15m above ground level.