The Statistics for Last Year

A brief look back at the climate statistics for last year (2017) in Coventry:

Average annual temperature 10.9°C (+0.7°C)
Average maximum 14.5°C (+0.5°C)
Average minimum 7.2°C (+0.8°C)
Total Rainfall 702.6mm (102%)
Total Sunshine 1445.2 hours (94%)
Days in 2017 with:
Air Frosts 29
Ground Frosts 88
Fog 3
Thunder 9
Snowfall 20
Snow lying 8
Gales 0
Hail 6

Brief comments on the statistics for 2017

2017 was the warmest year in Coventry since 2014 (11.2C); only 3 years have been warmer since 1990, and only 4 since 1895.

Only 5 years have been cooler than average in Coventry since 1993.

2017 had the lowest sunshine total in Coventry since 2012 (1426.1hr).

Only two years have recorded less sunshine than 2017 in Coventry since 1993.