Highest daily maximum temperature         30.1°C                  19th June    

Lowest maximum temperature             max -0.6°C                 26th January  

Highest overnight minimum temperature  17.7°C                 19th June       

Coldest night of 2017 so far                        -4.1°C                  27th January

Lowest grass minimum of 2017 so far       -8.2°C                 27th January     

Wettest day of 2017 so far                           27.0mm                5th June   

Greatest snow depth of 2017 so far         less than 1cm

Longest period of snow cover                  1 day

Longest dry spell during 2017 so far       16 days        11th to 26th June    

Sunniest day of 2017 so far                      14.4hr                  26th May

Longest period without sun so far          5 days           15th to 19th January

Windiest day of 2017 so far                  15.5mph                 23rd February  

Maximum wind gust of 2017 so far       55mph                   23rd February  

Highest pressure in 2017 so far          1038mb               18th & 19th January                                                                                                  

Lowest pressure in 2017 so far             982mb                  27th February  

Warmest month of 2017 so far             17.5°C                    July

Coldest month of 2017 so far                3.9°C                    January  

Wettest month of 2017 so far               83.8mm                 September 

Driest month of 2017 so far                 26.8mm                  April  

Sunniest month of 2017 so far           194.6 hr                    May   

Dullest month of 2017 so far               49.5hr                    January

2017 mean temperature up to the end of October            11.6C           (+0.5C)

2017 total rainfall up to the end of August                     567.8mm        (100%)

2017 total sunshine until the end of August                   1301.0hr        (91%)