The Statistics for Last Year

A brief look back at the climate statistics for last year (2016) in Coventry:

Average annual temperature 10.5°C (+0.3°C)
Average maximum 14.4°C (+0.4°C)
Average minimum 6.7°C (+0.3°C)
Total Rainfall 671.2mm (97%)
Total Sunshine 1508.2 hours (98%)
Days in 2016 with:
Air Frosts 38
Ground Frosts 99
Fog 4
Thunder 11
Snowfall 15
Snow lying 1
Gales 0
Hail 9
Hottest Day 31.8°C 19th July
Coldest Day max   3.5°C 14th January
Warmest Night min    21.1°C 20th July
Coldest Night min    -4.1C

16th February 

30th November

Wettest Day 32.2mm 6th February
Sunniest Day 14.2hr 6th June

Brief comments on the climate statistics for 2016 ·

This was the coolest year in Coventry since 2013 (9.8C); however, only 16 years have been milder than 2016 since 1892.

2016 has been the driest year in Coventry since 2011 (460.2mm).

It has been the dullest year in Coventry since 2012 (1426.1hr).