2016 Weather Highlights

In a decidedly average year in Coventry, these are the weather highlights recorded at Bablake during 2016 in chronological order.

  • 6th February the wettest day of the month recorded 32.2mm of rain, making this the wettest February day on record in Coventry, with records dating back to 1892.

With 115.9 hours of sunshine (48% above average), we enjoyed the sunniest February in Coventry since 2008 (137.0hr). February 2008 was the only February month to record more sunshine than February 2016 since sunshine records began in the city in 1894.

Winter 2015/16 was the mildest winter in Coventry since records began in the city in 1892

With a monthly rainfall total of 79.8mm (168% of average), March 2016 was the wettest March in Coventry since 1982 (87.8mm).

8th March the wettest day of the month recorded 27.8mm of rain, making this the wettest March day in Coventry since 1919 (31.2mm). That day 97 years ago was the only day wetter than the 8th March 2016 since before 1892.

20th May This was the warmest night for any month in Coventry since before 1892, with an overnight minimum temperature of 21.1C.

July 2016 was the driest July in the city since 1976 (9.0mm) with 17.0m of rain.

We enjoyed the warmest summer in Coventry (16.9C) since 2006 (18.0C).

We had the warmest September in Coventry since 2006 (17.2ÂșC), though this is the only September warmer than this year in the city since before records were kept in 1892; it would seem that September 2016 was the fifth warmest September in the Central England Temperature Series since 1659.

October 2016 was the driest (16.0mm) October in Coventry since 1978 (6.0mm).